We are an established company with more than twenty years of experience in residential automation and are pioneers of this trade in Mexico.  In 2005, we began operating in the United States which has allowed us to build upon our existing relations with our distributors.  We offer electronic systems tailored to your everyday needs.

In our experience and portfolio include:

Owners' Professional Experience

• Founder of the National Institute of Smart Houses, A.C.
• Designed and coordinated a fully-automated "Smart House"

Notable clients include:

• Maseca
• Tabacolmex
• Altos Hornos de México
• Quaker State
• PCZ Construcciones
• Herrera y Arquitectos
• Ferrocarriles Nacionales
• Presidencia de la República Mexicana
• San Antonio National Bank
• BauVi
• Dailey & Wells
• Del Norte Foods
• White Light Studios

We have offices in San Antonio, Texas and Mexico City with 24 dedicated distributors in the Mexican Republic and represent 40 brands.  We are experienced equipment exporters and have the credentials of the North American governments to commercialize across international borders.